Andy Wells, receives recognition for the 2022 Lifter Award

Andy Wells, a Native American member of the Red Lake Nation, has received recognition as an inventor, entrepreneur, businessman, and humanitarian. He was recently honored with the Greater Minnesota Development’s “2022 Lifter Award” during the annual “Minnesota Entrepreneur Kickoff” event in Minneapolis. Andy began his business in 1989 and received market training from education and networking programs organized by George Williams, an AIPTAC Program Manager. Through the years, he has built a high-tech manufacturing business, Wells Technology, near the Red Lake Nation. He also founded and operates an innovative technology training school, Wells Academy, which provides job-training education and jobs to Native Americans who are employment challenged. The “Lifter Award” was presented to Andy for his recent success in establishing a new machinist training program and manufacturing facility on the Red Lake Nation Reservation. Andy’s work is innovative and successful in “lifting” education on reservations through manufacturing skills development and also “lifting” employment to Native American people who desire better economic stability. Lois Josefson, from Greater Minnesota Development, said “Andy Wells has helped solve long-standing problems in economically challenged communities through investment in career training and employment. He has a history of overcoming challenges and a passion to help Native Americans rise higher to their full potential through education and career employment.”