Chris James

President & CEO


NCAIED Staff_ Jason Bird Bear.jpg

Jason Bird Bear

Director of Information Technology

NCAIED Team_ Susanne Groshong.jpg

Susanne Groshong

Director of Finance

Adolfo Vasquez

Procurement Specialist

National Center Team_Erin Abrahamson.jpg

Erin Abrahamson

Executive Assistant


Colleen Brave

Procurement Specialist

National Center Team_Alia Hauter.jpg

Alia Hauter

Director of Communications

George Williams

AIPTAC Program Manager

Joan Begay Notah

Senior Procurement Specialist - Navajo Nation


National Center Team_Yvette Fielder.jpg

Yvette Fielder

Lead Business Development Specialist

National Center Team_Chad Marchand.jpg

Chad Marchand

Director of Business Development and CDFI Program

Kathleen Weeks

PTAC Office Manager

National Center Team_Ruesh Yazzie.jpg

Ruesh Yazzie

Administrative Specialist

NCAIED Contact Information

Phone: 480-545-1298


The National Center Main Office

953 E. Juanita Avenue

Mesa, AZ  85204

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