Georgia – Main PTAC Office
(Coverage Area: Eastern BIA Region)


86 South Cobb Drive, MZ 0510
Marietta, GA 30063-0510


Phone: 480-999-2234
Fax: 404-393-7031


George Williams, Program Manager

Cell: 480-280-6098

George Williams RES Las Vegas 2016_heads
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Kathleen Weeks

Senior Office Manager

Direct Line: 480-999-2323

Cell: 480-321-6178

​Crystal Pierce, Procurement Specialist
Cell: 480-843-9847

Chris Peirce.jpg

New York Satellite Office
(Coverage Area: Upper Eastern BIA Region)


​Liverpool, NY

Navajo Nation Satellite Office
(Coverage Area: Navajo Nation BIA Region, includes parts of AZ, NM, & UT)


Hwy 264, 100 Taylor Rd, Window Rock, AZ 86515
PO Box 663, St. Michaels, AZ 86511

National Center Team_ JoAn Notah_edited_

JoAn Notah

Senior Procurement Specialist

Cell: 480-371-8373

Adolfo Vasquez

Procurement Specialist

Office Phone: 505-724-3584

Cell: 480-321-5748

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New Mexico, Satellite Office
(Coverage Area: NM and El Paso, TX)


2401 12th Street NW Ste 205 N
Albuquerque, NM 87104


Colorado Satellite Office
(Coverage Area: CO)


12503 East Euclid Drive,

Centennial, CO 80111


Mabel Tsosie

 Cell: 480-824-8520

Sponsoring Organization
The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED)


953 E Juanita Avenue
Mesa, AZ 85204

Phone: 480-545-1298
Fax: 480-545-4208

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